These ornaments are out of this world! Give them as a give or hang them on your tree this holiday season.

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear glass ornaments

  • Multiple color crayons

  • Hair dryer

  • Glitter

How To:

  1. Cut up pieces of crayons into pieces no bigger than ¾ inches.img_7727

  2. Pour about ½ teaspoon of glitter(I used silver) into the glass ornament.

  3. Add pieces of crayons into the ornament.img_7728

  4. Using a hair dryer on high(with the metal top off), begin to heat up the crayon to melt them. I found it best to not completely encompass the ornament with heat. Pointing it off towards the side was less direct heat on my hand and mixed the crayon colors a bit better. 

  5. Once the crayons begin to melt, begin swirling them around the inside of the ornament. Be careful once you get closer to the opening. The wax will splatter out! 

  6. Once you have covered the inside completely, remove from heat. The wax will dry fast. Put the top back on the ornament at its complete!img_7732