About Us


We’re Mike and Julia Dougherty. After we meet in technical theatre, our love projects and each other grew. Now we live a DIY lifestyle. Whether it’s cooking or remodeling our entire home in San Jose, California, we aren’t afraid to take on a new project. We look for any opportunity for us and our family to be creative, grow and learn in everyday life.

Now, after purchasing our second house in Pacifica, we have started making it our home. Along with our home projects, we will share our journey as parents, growing as a family, recipes, how-to’s and everything in between.


Call us old fashioned but we’re high school sweethearts. After meeting on the set of a high school play back in 2004 we became quick friends. By 2005 we were dating and have been together ever since.

In 2013 we purchased our first home in San Jose, California. To say it was a fixer upper would be an understatement. But we knew what we were getting into and frankly in the Bay Area it was a stretch to even afford what we were getting. With wallpaper covering every wall, dirty carpets and zero changes since it was built in 1976 we had a large to do list.

By the end of the 2017 summer we had two kids and were ready to put our house on the market. In early 2018 we found another project house closer to family and we took the plunge. We listed fully renovated home and made the move to Pacifica.

We take great pride in all of our efforts. As “millennials” living in the Bay Area everything is expensive. We’ve battled shitty apartments after being priced out, student loans, and living paycheck to paycheck. We know failure and we know success. DIY projects often come with a certain amount of trial and error. That being said, we can’t stress enough that we are in no way perfect when it comes to any project we do. We are however honest. We make mistakes. We won’t be afraid to tell you we how many times we re-tiled our kitchen or how long it look us to actually complete a project.

Five Fun Facts About Us

  1. We have an old pup named Louie. He is a black and white jack russell, pug and beagle mix. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old but he is now in his later years.
  2. We have the same birthday! Weird right? We’ve embraced it and are grateful there won’t be surprise birthday parties in our future.
  3. We LOVE Game of Thrones! Admittedly we did not start watching it until Season 3 but once we started, we couldn’t stop. If you have fan theories, let us know!
  4. Although we have only had our passports for a few years we have already been to 4 different countries together. Before kids we visited the Dominican Republic and in April 2017 we visited the UK, France and Germany.
  5. We are both disgusted by people that loudly chew or chew with their mouth open. Some people think its funny to purposefully do it while we are around but honestly that just makes us dislike the person doing it as well.

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