Coming Around

It’s been a while since I was last here and it has been even longer(over six months) since I posted an actual DIY project. To say that I haven’t been in the right headspace would be an extreme understatement. I can’t blame it all on covid but it has in no way helped the situation.

I had been on a downward spiral since November 2019. We experienced an unexpected death in our family that rocked me to my core. I was not especially close to this person but how he passed has been a fear of mine for a long time. Years of therapy, OCD, and paranoia suddenly erupted like a dormant volcano. Without going into every detail, I was not well at all. So unwell in my mental health journey that I was even, for the first time in a long time, prescribed an antidepressant. Everything was falling apart. I stopped exercising, I was drinking heavily, I was deeply depressed and the covid happened. To say the least, from the end of 2019 until early 2021 I was at my lowest.

I’ve made things and not posted them for multiple reasons. Sometimes the idea of writing a post was just too much. Other times I have been filled with imposter syndrome. Sometimes both. I have started and stopped so many times but I haven’t been able to push forward.

Recently, I have started exercising again. It hasn’t been consistent yet but I’m working my way to it. My drinking has definitely slowed down and is no longer an almost daily binge drinking party to try and forget my problems. And now I’m trying to start to get back into blogging and DIY projects.

I started a craft project today and I am planning to write the blog post and IG post this week and I am hoping I find the time to do so. I miss this and this community.This might come in spurts, it might come in a trickle, or it might start to just flow out. I honestly can’t say. But I am hopeful.