DIY Cupid’s Arrow

DIY Cupid’s Arrow

In December I half jokingly recreated Crate & Barrel’s now infamous hundred dollar tree branch with lights they sold as holiday decor. It started as a joke but was actually pretty fun to make. 

Following the slump of taking down Christmas decorations and looking at a very bland house I decided I would put up some Valentine’s Day decorations this year. Not wanting to spend money or head out to the store I went to my endless supply of craft materials but nothing sparked. 

Later in the day I headed out to walk our dog and clear my head. Somewhere in my train of thought the branch decoration popped in my mind. Suddenly the light bulb went off; A STICK! That’s what I need. Was Crate & Barrel on to something?

Believe it or not we have quite a bit of a variety of scrap wood in our garage which includes tree stumps, branches, and sticks so I picked one out that I thought would work. I grabbed some felt(I almost always have felt) from my craft supplies, yarn, and a needle and thread and got to work.

And If you didn’t read all that and scrolled right to the what you’ll need and how to part of this like I do with just about every recipe online I’m here for it!

What You’ll Need:

A long thin stick or branch

Felt (I used pink, white/gold, and fuchsia)



Yarn (mine is white)


How To:

Start by cutting out 2 hearts out of the felt proportionate to the stick for the arrow head. Thread the needle with the thread and begin a whip stitch to pair them together. Be sure to leave an opening at the top of the heart to be able to insert the stick. 

To make the fletching of the arrow, I used 3 pieces of felt in two different colors for a bit more dimension. I sandwiched the fuschia with the white with gold spots and did a quick stitch to attach them together in the middle around the opposite end of the stick from the heart arrow head. Once attached, I cut slits at a diagonal to feather the fletching. 

Finally, I tied a bit of yarn to each end so that it could hang and viola! You have a cute, simply made cupid arrow decoration!