Deep Clean Your Kitchen Aid Mixer

Deep Clean Your Kitchen Aid Mixer

Deep Clean Your Kitchen Aid Mixer


When was the last time you did a deep clean on your mixer? Too long to remember? Maybe never? It is easier than you think and probably dirtier than you could imagine.

Start with a damp paper towel. Start from top to bottom removing any loose particles. Be sure to lift the head and tilt it back to get in the crease and underneath.img_4397

Next, remove all the pieces. Using a screw driver on the back side of the mixer, remove the metal band.*Be sure to set them aside in order of how you remove them so you know where everything goes when you put it back together.img_4408

Then remover the metal plate of the base and the attachment piece.


Using a tooth pick, get into all the nooks and crannies of the mixer from top to bottom.


Spray your favorite cleaning product(I picked a Seventh Generation product because the mixer is used with food) on a paper towel or using a sponge and dish soap scrub down the mixer. I also like to clean the cord too. It collects more dust and grime than you would think.

Clean the pieces that were set aside as well. If the screws are also dirty, take another tooth pick and clean out the gunk.

When all the parts are clean, put them back on the clean mixer.


TA-DA! Your mixer is deep cleaned and ready to be used again, good as new!