Disco Bowl

Disco Bowl

Disco Bowl 

Well that’s a clever pun if I do say so myself. I think so! Disco balls are so much fun and having them in your decor for a party or everyday use brings something pretty magical to your home.

I used my favorite Gorilla Glue(not in my hair) for this and a bowl I purchased at Target. The mosaic tiles were ordered from Oriental Trading. They come in a bag of 400 but let me tell you, I used way more. I’d say for my bowl it took about 600 tiles. Of course the amount will completely depend on the size of the bowl you are using.

What You’ll Need:

A large bowl

Gorilla Glue Gel

Mirror mosaic tiles

How To:

Wash your bowl first to make sure there is nothing sticky, grimy, or anything to ensure a nice clean surface.

The mosaic tiles should have a piece of plastic over them to protect them from scratching. You can take all of these off at once before you start or as you go. I personally did it as I went because I knew I would be gluing them on in different chunks of time and didn’t want them to get scratched in between work sessions.

Start gluing the tiles at the top of the bowl and work your way around to complete a full circle. Once the first row has been completed start the second. Stagger the tiles as would brick.

Continue doing this until the entire bowl is covered. 

This is definitely not dishwasher safe once it is completed but it still makes for a very fun, hand wash only bit of decor.