Everyone has Easter Eggs hanging around in November right? 

In reality we were going through holiday decorations trying to consolidate them into one space and found a bag of open eggs. When we originally bought these eggs in April, I got them at the dollar store and thought I was scoring a deal. My goal was to turn them into a fun wreath which ultimately was never completed because, well, life. They weren’t the greatest eggs to begin with but it was fine seeing as most Easter Eggs end up in the trash. 

We discussed saving them until next year but knowing myself, I knew there was no way I would remember that we had saved them. Maybe I’ll finish that wreath? Not going to happen. I wasn’t liking how it was looking and if I haven’t finished it by now there was a slim chance it would ever get done. 

We haven’t decided if we will do an acorn hunt on Thanksgiving yet but let’s be honest, we have so much Halloween candy it probably will. Otherwise these can be used simply as fall decor around the house or as part of your Thanksgiving centerpiece. We hope you enjoy making these as much as we did!

What You’ll Need:

Easter Eggs


Rope or string of some kind(we used a hemp cord)

Paint brush

Hot glue gun

Start by setting up a painting station. Even when I started this project, I began to paint and realized I had nowhere to put the wet eggs. Do yourself a favor and be prepared.

If the top and bottom parts of the eggs are attached, using scissors, carefully detach them. 

Paint the bottoms of the eggs your desired color(s). We used a lot of fall neutral tones but any colors would work. I’m never opposed to pink anything. Be advised we did have to do a base off white to get the colors we wanted. You may also need to apply a second coat of paint as well.  

While the paint dries, go ahead and fire up the glue gun. Once it is heated, start adding glue and wrapping your string/rope/cord around the top part of the egg. I started at the “bottom” of the egg.

Once you’ve made it to the top, swirl the last bit so that a small part sticks up. Trim your choice of string/rope/cord to make the stem of the acorn. Let everything completely cool and dry before attaching the two pieces together.

Display these or go on an acorn hunt Thanksgiving morning! And if you make them be sure to share them on Instagram by tagging us and using #diydougherty!