Halloween time is here! Although Christmas is my all time favorite holiday Halloween is a very, very close second. I love costumes, decorating, and kids coming to trick or treat at our door. 

This year Halloween is a bust when it comes to parties and trick or treating so I want our home to feel fun, a little spooky, and fun! I’m starting with a really darling little banner with some optional tassels. 

What You’ll Need:

Black felt (8.5×11”)

Thin wooden dowel (12-13” long)

String or twine

White and orange embroidery floss

Felt glue



How To Banner:

  1. Taking the long end of the felt, gently fold over about an inch of the felt. Using the felt glue, draw a thin line to create a hole for the dowel to be able to slide into. Place something heavy such as a book on the end to hold it in place to dry.
  2. Once dried, use the chalk to write out BOO onto the felt. Carefully use scissors to cut out the letters of the “BOO”.
  1. Feed the dowel through the hole made by the glue. Tie one end of string or twine to each end near the felt so it can be tucked in under the felt.

How To Tassel:

Wrap the embroidery floss around a few of your fingers or a piece of cardboard. 

  1. Keeping the wrap tight, place another piece of floss to at one end and tie it off. Cut the other end to open the tassel. Just below the top of the tassel, wrap another piece of floss around it and tie it off.Make as many as tassels you would like and attach them to the dowel.