We made this super cute bench in just a few days and it has been a great addition to our backyard.

What you’ll need:

11 – 2x4s 16” long

2 – 2x4s 31 3/8” long

4 – 4x4s 16” long

2 – 1x4s 16” long

2 – 1x4s 40” long

Variety of paint colors*

Wood stain

Sand paper

Several 1 5/8” exterior screws and

3” exterior screws

Start by cutting all of the wood to the necessary lengths.

After cutting sand all the pieces so they are as smooth as possible.

Next, take the 11 2x4s that are 16” and pick the nicest side you want to paint and begin painting each 2×4 a different color. Set them aside to dry.

Once dry, arrange the boards in the order you want them placed in on the bench and flip them pain side down to begin assembling.( Be sure to be in your work area. This will make things a lot easier.)

Places other pieces in their places and pre drill the holes for the 4x4s and 1x4s. Be careful not to drill into the painted 2x4s.

Once pre drilled, screw in the 1×4’s to the 4x4s using the 3” screws.

When the base is assembled san any imperfections and wipe clean. Then you can begin to stain.

Allow at least a few hours for the stain to dry before continuing and about 24 hours before moving it from your work area. The stain can still be tacky and can leave a residue.

After the stain is dry to the touch, using the 3” screws attach the remaining two 2x4s to the base. You will have to go in diagonally to leave space for the colored boards.

Once the base is completely together make sure all your colored boards fit.

Next one at a time, remove a single board and pre drill a hole in the under 2×4. This will make it a lot easier to screw the colored boards in from underneath.

When the colored boards are back in place, use the 1 5/8 screws to screw from the base 2×4 into the colored boards. This will leave a clean look on top of the bench.

Complete! You have a beautiful fun bench ready for outside.

*We bought sample sizes of exterior paint in white, blue, red and yellow(primary colors). With these colors we mixed them into 8 new colors so we had a total of 11. Of course you could just buy 11 different colors or use exterior pain you already have as well.