Along with the interior of our home, we have been attempting to spruce up or backyard as well. This week we FINALLY set up some lights around our ground level deck and moved the playhouse to a more convenient location. 

Since quarantine began we have been looking for new ways to entertain the kids and it only gets harder and harder. We seriously considered buying a huge playset but the fact that we didn’t have the space and they have all been sold out for months put a damper on our spirits. So I wanted to make something that could keep them occupied for at least 10 minutes. 

I started by picking up ten square concrete pavers. Right now most stores are offering same day delivery or curbside pickup which is amazing. Now is not the time to roam around the store with people that can’t keep their distance. These are also very inexpensive. They were less than $2 each. To save some money I used paint I already had but had to do a little experimenting with them first. 

I had spray paint from another project which went on so easy! I’m not generally a fan of spray paint but I would definitely recommend it for this project. I also had a bunch of acrylic paint to spare as well. If you don’t have spray paint handy I would recommend that. And I would especially recommend that for the numbers. Not only does it make it look like chalk on the concrete but it goes on easy and fast. DO NOT bother with oil paint. I tried it because I had and to quote Julia Roberts, “big mistake, huge”. It takes FOR-EV-ER to dry. I will however update this once they have gotten wet. I’m not sure how any of these will hold up to the elements. I didn’t want to clear coat them fearing it would make them slippery. 

After you pick your paint, paint the pavers to work with the hopscotch pattern. Once thoughts are dry, paint the numbers. I got impatient and did the numbers first on some so I had to work around them which wasn’t hard but it was a time suck. 

Let them dry and decide where you want them. I had a spot in mind already but best laid plans. I wanted to dig up the area so I could lay in the pavers to be level with the ground. This is what you should do. However there were so many roots I decided to just level and put some river rock we already had as a boarder and in between the pieces.

I liked doing this project because it was quick but also inexpensive. I love making our house more of a home, especially for our kids. They will only be little once so we want to make it count. 

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