This year I decided to make Nathan’s valentines to pass out at school. Normally I am all for running into Target, grabbing a box of Paw Patrol little cards and calling it a day. However, our son’s class is not very large and I really didn’t want the extras in the box to go to waste. 

After checking out Pinterest I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want something that was too time consuming, inexpensive, and I wanted something that would be easy for him to pass out in class. 

I decided a hot chocolate packet would be a cute valentine with a little note attached to it. It’s something kids will enjoy but can’t drink until they get home so we aren’t contributing to a sugar high in the classroom. 

Costco sells a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate 50 packets for just under $6(a pretty sweet deal if you ask me). It needed a note of some sort that wasn’t written on the package. Already at home I had some pink cardstock paper and decided i could attach it simply with a stapler. There are times I want things to be super sweet and intricate but for something that is going to be thrown away by a bunch of 5 and 6 years old simple is best.

I opened up Google Docs and set the format to columns. Next I picked the size and fonts and wrote out “Your friendship warms my heart! From, Nathan”. I printed them out on pink card stock and cut them with a paper cutter. I stapled them to the top of the package making sure to not make a hole for the mix to spill out.

If you would like to print the same tags and write in your own child’s name you can find them here.