DIY Jute Coasters

DIY Jute Coasters

Hello DIYers!

I love making new things. Crafting can be such a stress reliever for me, especially with two little kids. This project gave me an opportunity to try and make these several times. I went through the trials and errors so you don’t have to!


Today we’ve made some fun, boho chic coasters. Spice up your home or give these as a housewarming gift. This is not only a fun craft to make, it is a budget friendly one as well. I’d estimate it cost about $2-$3 a coaster.

What You’ll Need

Jute Rope
Embroidery Floss (in 4 different colors or multiple colors in one thread like I used)
Hot Glue Gun & extra glue
Felt or thin, stiff interfacing

Trace or free had a circle on the felt or interfacing to measure about 3-3.5 inches wide. This does not have to be perfectly round, however you don’t want it seen after the rope is on it.

Cut 4 pieces of jute rope measuring at 74 inches each.

To add color, pick a piece of colored embroidery floss. Take each piece of rope and measure to from one end to 26 inches and tie a knot there with the the embroidery floss.

Note: Cut or wrapped the extra thread.

Begin wrapping the floss toward the long end of the rope until the wrapping reaches 3 inches long. Tie another knot to finish the floss so it stays in place.

Heat the hot glue gun.

Find the center of the circle piece of felt. Glue down the long end of the rope so the floss will be on the outside of the coaster.

Glue as you go, begin wrapping the rope in a spiral formation. When you approach the color be sure to tuck the knots under or into the jute so they are not seen. Continue wrapping until you come to the end of the rope.

Using a small amount of hot glue “finish” the ends of the rope. Let the glue completely cool before using.