The thought that Halloween is almost here blows my mind every day. Didn’t we just celebrate Nathan’s birthday? Just this weekend at a party someone was talking to me about all the toppings and crazy hotdogs everyone came up with. And now here we are at Halloween.

We have been fairly occupied lately with the house, the camp, and everything else that goes into life as a family of four. This is probably why June feels like yesterday to us. 

However, in the Halloween spirit we have been working on some new projects. We wanted to make something cute but easy to make. The only issue I personally have with this project is that we use spray paint and I am not a fan.

Speaking of spray paint, it was the most expensive thing we had to buy for this. We already had a glue gun and glue and the pumpkins were from Target costing only a dollar($1) each. We made this to be a candy holder but it would also be adorable as a flower holder. However, if you are planning to put flowers in it I would suggest adding sand or rocks into the bottom pumpkin so it isn’t top heavy.

Start by removing the handles of the pumpkins. If you can’t pull them through, CAREFULLY try using scissors to cut the ends off.
Dap a bit of hot glue into the holes where the handles were. 

Next, draw a line of hot glue around the rim of the bottom pumpkin and set the next pumpkin on top of it. Be careful to align it just right. Continue this until all the pumpkins are stacked. Let the glue dry completely.

Before spray painting, prepare an area to paint. Put down a large cloth, spray into a box(like we did), or somewhere you don’t mind getting paint on. Just be sure to spray paint outside. 

Light spray all around the pumpkins until they are covered. This may take one or two coats.

Once it is completely dry, go ahead and fill it with candy and put it out for all the kids. Or if you’re anything like us, we’ve had candy out for anyone that comes to our door!