Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Party

Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Party

Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Party

It’s hard to believe our daughter is turning one. This has by far been the fastest year of our adult lives. We had a new baby, our son started pre-preschool, and we sold our home in San Jose to move to Pacifica. Starting to plan Brynn’s birthday, I started to reminisce on all our sons birthday parties. His second birthday has been by far my favorite and it was based on the book Dragon’s Love Tacos.

Pinning and prepping months in advance, I originally intended to have a “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” party. There was so many good ideas on the internet, I was prepared to have a cool, hot dog bar and have an all around easy party with a lot of store bought decorations. Then, my child became obsessed with a little book called, “Dragons Love Tacos”.

The book I have to say is adorable. I’ve read it at least 100 times now. I’ve read it so many times, I began to tally in the back of the book how many times Nathan had us read it to him. I no longer have to look at the words to read it because its ingrained in my mind. Target now even sells clothing based on the book. That’s how good of a children’s book it is.

So, it was decided that that would be his 2nd Birthday theme! I was so excited but could only find a limited amount of ideas for decorations on Pinterest. So, I went to the book. This party became a very large DIY project but well worth it. I wish I took more in progress photos but the final products still worked out great.

Fork Holder: This was fairly easy. In the book the dragons have bags that say “Taco Cave” and I wanted to bring that into the party somehow. So I covered part of a box and covered it with a brown paper bag. Then I simply drew on with a pencil then used Sharpies to color it. It was a nice way to bring more of the book alive but also had a purpose.

Salsa Book: When the boy is planning his party he reads a cookbook for dragons. I grabbed a book(it actually was a cookbook) and measured out a white paper bag to fit around it. I used water color blue paint to color the white paper bag. After it dried, I covered the book like you would a text book for school(is that still a thing?) The I used Sharpies to write on the rest to look just as it does in the book. This was made just for decoration but a few people grabbed it to see if it was a real book.

Balloons: Anyone that has read the book knows there is going to be a Taco Party for dragons. I looked everywhere for reasonably priced taco balloons but couldn’t find any. What I did find in my garage was a plethora of cardboard. So what I did was trace out a bunch of circles with a small rectangle coming off one side(it looked like I drew a bunch on christmas tree ornaments). Next, I cut them all out and folded them to look like a taco, folding over the tab to connect the two sides at the top. To hold the pieces together, I used a hot glue gun. After, I punched a hole in the center to the top connecter tab and knotted in clear fishing line(I also hot glued the knot so it wouldn’t slip). Next I used painters tape to create the rest of the taco. I can’t recommend more that using a primer before painting is necessary. I used white, drywall paint because we had some of that in the garage too. To pain the rest I used acrylic paint to look like the tacos in the book. Finally, when the tacos were completely dry, I used wrapping string to look like the string of the balloon and attached it with Elmer’s glue. And then they were done! I hung them in various places in replace of regular balloons.

Mini Tacos: Just like the balloons, I traced out a bunch of circles. I did not have a tab connecting the tabs because they were so small. After cutting them out and folding them to look like a taco, I used one pieces of painters tape all around to enclose the taco. Next, I primed. PRIME! PRIME! PRIME! Cardboard sucks up paint like you wouldn’t believe and the colors will look different when dry. After painting them to look like the tacos in the book, I scattered them throughout or house as little decorations. A few of them even found new homes with a few of our party guests.

Corona Vases: These weren’t hard. My husband and I had a few beers, washed the bottles and then placed flowers in them the day of the party. My plan was to add a little food coloring to the water to color it but it got away from me day of.

Salsa Jar: My son loves pickles so we go through jars constantly. I saved one, washed it and stored it until needed. All I did was find a font on Microsoft Word I liked that looked similar to the book. I cut out around it and drew on the tomatoes, onion and peppers with crayon. Then I used mod podge to attach it to the jar. It was a hit.

Food: Normally I make all the food we have. Given the special occasion and a lack of desire to cook, we had it catered by our favorite little Mexican restaurant. They make such good food and they loaded us up. I did however make a seven layer dip and strawberry salsa.

Smash Cake: My sister is a talented chef but loves to bake. As my son’s gift she made cake for everyone and the smash cake. She used a small round cake, cut it in half and placed the pieces on their sides to look like a taco. Using frosting in the middle and on the sides. Then used cherries, crushed ice cream cone pieces, arugula and whipped cream as the taco toppings. It was delicious.

And that was our Dragons Love Tacos birthday party! I hope this gives you some great ideas for your party!