Drizzled Paint Ceramic Pots

Drizzled Paint Ceramic Pots

Painting these with Nathan was so much fun! He loves doing arts and crafts and it makes us so happy too. We haven’t been the parents that give our kids an Ipad/Iphone in restaurants, grocery stores and all day at home screen time. We like to keep them engaged with games, music, going outdoors, and projects. This isn’t to say Nathan does enjoy a few Paw Patrol or Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes but we try to limit it as much as possible.

Today we jazzed up a few ceramic pots by drizzling paint on them while the baby took a nap. He had so much doing this and it was an easy project we could set up and and clean up before his sister woke up.

These would make for great Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, or a fun house warming gift.

What You’ll Need:

Ceramic Pot

Acrylic Paint

A box or paper(for easy clean up and avoiding mess)

First I took an old Amazon box and cut off the flaps and laid them into the box to prevent pain from getting everywhere.

Next, color by color drizzle the paint across the pot. I went back and forth in different directions to make sure the paint didn’t leave any large “bald spots” on the pot*.

After, move to another place to dry or leave in the box. Once drying is complete, add a flower with soil or some special treats.

*Nathan’s pot had a lot of paint on the bottom so I used my finger to pus the pain over the side to help spread it out.