Easy Kid’s Bathroom Update

This was by far the easiest upgrade we did to our house. Being our son’s bathroom, we wanted it to be fun yet didn’t want to spend a small fortune just to see him destroy it daily.

First we removed the box lighting. Next we patched holes as we prepared to paint and add crown molding and baseboards. We planned on replacing the linoleum flooring so painting prep was fairly easy.

After the crown molding was in, we began to paint the walls, ceiling and molding. If you have the availability to remove to toilet before you paint, it’s highly recommended. We painting the toilet in place and it was no picnic. If not, it can still be done, it just takes a little extra time. We also decided to paint the vanity a basic gloss white(in bathrooms, a glossy paint is recommended because it resists moisture better than a flat paint) and added a fun contact paper.

Flooring was next. Instead of tile, we went with a new linoleum. In general it isn’t something we

would put in a house but being a kid bathroom, we wanted something that would be durable and if necessary, could be easily replaced. The one we picked was honestly the least hideous and best option at Lowe’s.

Once the flooring was in the baseboards were added and painted as well. At this point the bathroom was complete before we began to style.

Amazon gives us life. There we ordered the the shower curtain, liner and contact paper. We ordered the art off of Etsy with frames from, wait for it, The Dollar Store. Hey, frames are expensive. Can you blame us? Ikea provided the towel rod and TP holder.

Compared to our other home projects this was fairly quick and easy. We hope it inspires you to do a quick update to your home!