I absolutely adore how this picture frame turned out. For whatever reason, picture frames always seem to cost an arm and a leg. Even with a coupon or bargain shopping finding something cute or trending can be challenging. The vintage feel of this makes it a perfect piece.

Making this frame is not only budget friendly but it also gives a bit of creative freedom to put your own unique touch.I purchased the frame and the flowers at my local Dollar Tree and I already had the Gorilla Super Glue. The most expensive part of the project was the gold spray paint. You could use any color to make this even more unique. Silver, black, pink, or white would be a great way to put your own flare to this picture frame.


What You’ll Need:

Picture Frame

Faux Flowers

Super Glue

Gold Spray Paint


How To:

Prepare to spray paint. Start by picking out what flowers you would like to use and roughly trim the flowers and leaves. Disassemble the frame by taking off the backing and remove the glass.

Create a space to spray paint. I recommend doing this outside. Apart from the smell, spray paint tends to go everywhere(another reason it is not my favorite). I had a cardboard box handy so I decided to spray inside of it as well to eliminate some mess.

Lightly coat the flowers, leaves, and front of the frame with the gold spray paint. The flowers do not have to be perfect because they will get another coat of paint once they are glued to the frame. After they are painted, allow at least an hour for the spray paint to dry or until it is no longer tacky.

When the flowers and frame are ready, begin to arrange the flowers onto the frame before you glue them. I originally planned to cover the entire frame with flowers but it looked a little busy to me so I decided to just stick with two corners. Once they are where you want them you can start to glue them.

Carefully super glue each piece on. I used the Gorilla Super Glue Gel because it allows a bit more control and doesn’t drip and make a mess. Set aside to allow the glue to dry.

When the super glue is dry head back outside to spray a final layer of spray paint. Be sure to get any spots that need any more gold paint, especially the flowers. Then let the spray paint fully dry.

Once the spray paint is dry reassemble the frame with your photo and display in your home or give it as a gift. Either way this faux vintage frame is sure to make a statement wherever it is.