How To Celebrate With Friends or Family During the Coronavirus(COVID-19) Outbreak

How To Celebrate With Friends or Family During the Coronavirus(COVID-19) Outbreak

“How To Celebrate With Friends or Family During the Coronavirus(COVID-19) Outbreak”

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As many of the DIYDougherty followers know, Mike and I have the same birthday. Last year was the big 3-0 and we posted the pros and cons of having the same birthday as your spouse. Surprisingly, it has a big draw to our site(!!!) so we thought we would take the opportunity to write another birthday post.

This year I had planned to go down to visit a friend(@caitiegetscreative) in Southern California to spend the weekend wine tasting and sitting by the ocean in Laguna Beach. Of course with the coronavirus going around we decided to reschedule the trip for another weekend. 

Unfortunately, like most, we have had multiple events cancelled in the last week. My trip, a baby shower, and most upsetting, a family wedding are just a few. And while a birthday holds no comparison to having to cancel an entire wedding it got me thinking about how someone could still celebrate or get together with friends and/or family during a shelter in place situation. 

With Mike and I having the same birthday we have the semi uncommon situation of being able to celebrate together but we would still like to celebrate with others. We started coming up with some suggestions on how to celebrate with the people you live with or people outside of your home. 


Whether you are making a meal for the birthday guy or gal, cooking for yourself or for you and your significant other, family or roommates having a good meal can change your entire day. You can also make your favorite dessert if you have the supplies or are able to get out to the store.


A lot of restaurants are not allowing sit down service but they are still letting patrons order for pick-up only. Some local places are even offering free delivery. If you don’t want to cook, call up your favorite place and have breakfast, lunch or dinner made for you. A local bakery is also probably looking for a little business as well. Order something special for yourself and the people you live with.


We live in an amazing time for technology. We can talk to friends, family, teachers, and even doctors face to face on our computer or phone. Here are some great options to be with friends:

  • FaceTime(you can chat with more than one person now)
  • Meet by Google
  • Zoom(currently this is what my pilates instructor is using to continue or classes)


Have you heard of It is a service with Chrome to stream netflix with a group together and be able to chat on the page you are watching on. Of course, you don’t have to use that service, you can use a digital hangout and watch anything together.


Along with the digital hangouts, you can also play synced music and have a real party together. 

  • AmpMe is a great app to share music through your phone. You can YMCA together all night long.
  • RAVE is another app for synced music but you can also use it for YouTube videos and Natflix. 


I generally only decorate for holidays and for our kids birthday parties. This year, while we are sheltering in place, I plan to use all the old decorations we have to spice up our house. With any luck we will not be in this type of situation when the time comes for our kids celebrations but we will make what we have work this year for us.


  • Never Have I Ever
  • Truth or Dare
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Charades
  • Scavenger Hunt

I hope this sparks an idea for you to celebrate yourself or a loved one in this weird time. There are a lot of birthdays during the shelter in place and everyone deserves to still feel special at least one day a year. 

If you know someone that has a birthday at this time, reach out with more than a text or an Instagram post. This is already a fairly lonely time and for some more than others. This is the time to be kind, check in on your strong friends, and keep safe. WASH YOUR HANDS!