I’m nervous…

It’s November third and I’m nervous. This election has me on edge and I can feel my anxiety taking over my body. I continue to attempt to keep myself busy and distracted but I still find myself anxiously waiting results.

I know there is no way possible I am the only one feeling this way. I know I’m not even the only one in my household feeling this way. I was completely confident in the 2016 election that Hilary would win. Now the thought of another Trump victory has me spooked in a way I don’t think I can adequately describe.

Unfortunately, like in 2016, the democratic candidate was not my first choice. Even so now, Joe Biden has my vote but he was not the candidate I originally wanted. I however try not to look at party lines but what each candidate stands for and which will hold office with dignity and be someone I can trust. Donald Trump has not done that in his last four years in office and I can’t imagine he would change his ways for the next four.

And so, I’m nervous. I’m nervous for the future of this country. I’m worried about what may happen in the coming years. I an so I voted. I voted for Joe because I feel as if he is the best choice for the most amount of people in this country, which in my opinion is how everyone should be voting. But I’m still nervous.