Life is Short. Decorate Early.

Life is short. Decorate Early.

It’s November 13th and I have just about all of my Christmas decorations up. The stockings are hung, lights are everywhere, and the only thing missing is our tree because I love a fresh tree.

Admittedly I was previously one of those people that walked into stores and became severely annoyed that Christmas was out and on full display before Halloween. I did not understand why anyone would be preparing for a holiday so far in the future while I was still trying to enjoy autumn let alone be merry and bright. Nevertheless, I changed.

My home started turning into a winter wonderland December 1st. We picked out and bought our tree, decorated it and the house and by the time I was finished, it felt like it was almost time to take it all down again. So little by little I slowly started earlier and earlier each year. To my surprise, the earlier I decorated, the less stressed I became about the holidays.

I realized if I decorated the house before we brought our tree home then that was the last thing we would have to do. All the tubs of decorations were already back in the garage and not laying around the house for half the month while I decided where everything would go. The tree was the cherry on top and all that was left to do was enjoy the season. 

This year has been the earliest I have ever started decorating. I took down Halloween immediately and got to work on Christmas. For the last week or so I have been tinkering with decorations, hanging lights, and buying new decorations too(thank you Target)! 

I haven’t quite finished but I love the feeling of being able to take my time. I am not rushing to make the house “perfect” and I’m not on a decoration rampage with the kids. Come December we can relax, bake cookies, listen to Christmas music, watch a holiday movie, and be in the moment for the holiday season and enjoy our time together. 

Our kids are growing up way faster than I could have ever imagined and I want them to remember the holidays at home as a fun time together. I want them to look back at this time fondly and not associate the holidays with stress and anxiety. And although decorating early has a bit of a controversy around it, I believe it makes the holidays simpler, less hectic, and most importantly more magical.