March is Here!

March is here again and wow I can’t believe it. Aren’t we still in March 2020? Is this a do over situation? Ugh. So not thrilled to be coming up on a year of quarantine and ANOTHER covid birthday.

This has been quite a year. What we thought would be a 2 week working from home/homeschooling to no end in site. I have so many thoughts on how people have been handling the quarantine. Mostly because a whole bunch of people seem to still not be taking this seriously. It became harder and harder to watch and led me to “unfollow” a lot of people on social media. And realistically, that’s all I could do except to avoid people I saw being reckless and continue doing my part.

I recently created a poll on Instagram regarding the anniversary of quarantine asking if people would host or participate in a Zoom party. The results were surprisingly close with a lot more people than I thought saying they would do it. I was sure it would be a hard no for almost everyone. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I will “host” a party. I absolutely love planning and hosting parties but I don’t know if I’m really up for it. 

I am also not looking forward to another covid birthday. As many of our followers know, my husband and I share the same birthday. It has it’s pros and cons but this year it just feels like a bunch of cons. Last year we dealt with the fact that we couldn’t go to celebrate which for the greater good seemed fine. However now, given the fact that we are once again in the same spot it feels even worse. 

Even so, it is only March 1st. This month still has its own possibilities and I am looking forward to setting my own goals and stepping up to achieve them!