Mom Blog Post #1

Monday I convinced myself I could do the grocery shopping with both kiddos by myself. That was a mistake. Immediately my son fought having to sit in the cart which then lead to the baby waking up. There I was, barely in the store and had both of them melting down. I started noticing I was receiving the unnecessary glares from strangers. About to breakdown myself, I pulled the baby out of the car seat carrier to soothe her and tried to calm by son down at the same time. I decided to just get a few essentials and call it quits. Today was not the day I was also going to fight the toddler trying to convince me he “needs” everything in the store.

Before our daughter was born I was a meal planning, grocery shopping, house cleaning, working out, time managing ninja parent. When our son was about two I really found my stride in day to day life of being a stay at home home parent(Yes, it really took me that long to feel secure in what I was doing every day). Making day to day life as simple and stress free as possible was the goal.

Fast forward to present day and I’m at home with an eight week old and a three year old. I swear if you think the twos are terrible, you don’t have a three year old yet. Monday use to be my shopping day. Sunday night I’d plan our meals for the week then head to Trader Joe’s or another grocery store to purchase everything. If I needed to stock up at Costco, we would head there as well. Now, going to Trader Joe’s seems like the worst idea ever. I mean seriously, have you seen the size of their carts? Baby carriers don’t fit in those and I am not about to wake the sleeping bear to put her in the baby Bjorn. If I have to take the kids shopping now our main source is Costco. Those carts are huge! Anything else I have to get needs to wait until I can go alone. Shout out to the 24-Hour Safeway we have in our neighborhood.

Amazon is my other go-to spot. Yesterday I ordered a new BBQ cover and some acne treatment patches because I’m 28, still get acne and am willing to try anything. I wasn’t about to drag the kiddos out to Target in the smokey haze of the Bear Fire and battle the terrible parking lot there. The only driving force I have at this point to leave the house is bringing my son to pre-school or a Starbucks run. Life with two kids is 400 times more difficult than one.

Ok, do we only shop at Costco and on Amazon? No. But you get the idea. Parenting is hard. And going from having one to two is certainly humbling. As our daughter gets on a more regular schedule things will get easier. Especially shopping. I’ve already started meal planning again and Mike has been a real gem letting me hit all the stores I need to go to alone! The house I’m sure will be clean again one day too. Until then we are doing our best, laundry is getting done, dishes are washed and everyone is fed. Getting back to that ninja parent life hasn’t been easy but I’m getting there!