Our Christmas Movie Favorites

We love a good holiday movie and although our top picks may not be the same as yours, we’d thought we share! Leave us a comment with your favorite holiday flick!

  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Some people absolutely LOVE this movie but it has never been a household favorite of ours.

  1. Love Actually – Some time ago this was a movie we watched to get in the holiday spirit. Now it just seems so dark. *Spoiler Alert* Between the cheating, going after your best friends wife, and a spouse passing away, there is little joy. However the cast is amazing and if nothing else is on, we’d watch it.

  1. The Grinch – Jim Carrey nailed this. No one could have done it better. And its a Ron Howard film.

  1. Christmas with the Kranks – Have you seen this? It is highly underrated in our opinion. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis plan to skip Christmas because their daughter won’t be able to come. Last minute, she decides to come home and they have to throw everything together.

  1. Jingle All the Way – Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to get a popular toy for his for Christmas before Amazon existed. He fights with Sinebad and Phil Hartman hits on his wife, Rita Wilson. It a must watch at our house.

  1. Home Alone – This is holiday gold that never gets old. We can’t wait until our kids are a bit older so they can enjoy this as much we do.

  1. The Santa Claus – Yes, another Tim Allen Christmas movie but it is fantastic. The sequels to this don’t hold a candle to this Disney treat.

  1. The Holiday – Whenever someone tells me how much they love, Love Actually they are promptly asked if they have seen The Holiday. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet switch homes for the holidays and find themselves and love. It’s a favorite to be watched year round.

  1. Elf – Not everyone loves this as much as we do but it’s Will Ferrel at his best. The usual stupid funny he creates takes on a holiday theme for a great laugh. Sidebar- Peter Dinklage is in this pre- Game of Throne!

  1. A Christmas Story – They don’t play this for 24 straight hours on Christmas for no reason. This film is funny every time we watch it and you can jump in at anytime it is on.