Our Route to Disneyland (Updated)

Our Route to Disneyland (Updated)

Our Route to Disneyland

Where we stop and how to make the trip from the Bay to LA as easy as possible.

101- 152- I-5

There are lots of places to stop along the way to Disneyland but this is our preferred route with or without kids and the stops we like to make. Check out our other post on how to actually survive the time in the car.

The route we take to Disneyland is Highway 100 to Highway 152 and finally Interstate 5. “5” is the most direct course to get to Disneyland. Taking Highway is scenic, but takes twice as long. When taking our route this is sure to keep the kiddos happy, accidents hopefully to a minimum and far less of the phrase “Are we there yet?”.

Stop 1: Casa De Fruta

After driving on Highway 101 from the Bay and getting onto Highway 152, it may seem silly to stop after just driving a short while but it is worth it. The Chevron station there has the cleanest gas station bathroom I have ever been to in my life. It’s still a gas station but its so well kept. During the day, the fruit stands are open and you can stock up on snacks for the road. they have fresh fruit, dried fruits, nuts, wine and lots of other treats. The restaurant is open 24/7 so you can grab a bite to eat at any hour. There are also great activities for kids too.  

Stop 2: Kettleman City

About 2 hours from Casa de Fruta is Highway 41 and Kettleman City. Here there are several gas stations, lots of places to eat including In & Out and Starbucks, hotels and an auto repair shop. If you’re looking for a longer stop check out Bravo Farms. It is similar to Casa de Fruta but with a western feel. It is a perfect spot to get out of the car, stretch your legs and get some serious Westworld vibes.

Stop 3: Fort Tejon

An hour and a half might be quick for some to stop again but if passengers are restless, a great place to stop is Fort Tejon State Park in Lebec. It is an 1850’s fort that has living history exhibits, a small price tag, restrooms and 400 year old oak trees. If we skip Kettleman City this is our second stop. If you pack a lunch prior to hitting the road it is a great space to have a picnic. 

Stop 4: Starbucks(Optional)

Just about 40 minutes away from Fort Tejon is a Starbucks at McBean Parkway. I say this is optional but for us it just depends on traffic. Sometimes we skip Fort Tejon and head right here. This is the start of all the LA traffic and just about 2 and a half hours to Disneyland(traffic pending). We use the restroom, grab coffee and mentally prepare to take on the rest of the drive. Let’s be real, if we haven’t already, this is when we hook up the portable DVD player and put in a movie. This especially happens if a nap hasn’t.

Of course there are lots of places to stop but these are our go to places. Please feel free to share places you like to stop along the way!