Red Beaded Wreath Ornament

Red Beaded Wreath Ornament


I love making homemade decorations, especially for the holidays. This sweet little craft will look great on any tree or hanging anywhere in your home. This is a simple project that shouldn’t take more than an hour.

What You’ll Need:

10 unfinished wooden beads approximately 1”

1 red pipe cleaner

Red acrylic paint

Paint brush


Start by painting all the beads with the red paint then let them dry. Because they are unfinished the paint should soak into the wood.

Add a second coat of paint if necessary. 

Once the beads are dry, feed the pipe cleaner through all the beads.

When they are all on, twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together to form a circle(wreath).

Tie a piece of ribbon into a bow at the top of the wreath to cover the twisted pipe cleaner.

Hang on your tree and enjoy your handmade creation!