Skeleton Skull Transformation Three Ways

Skeleton Skull Transformation Three Ways

The Dollar Tree is a good place to find Halloween decorations but it is especially great if you want to give the decorations a touch of your own personality. This year I bought three skeleton skulls to transform in three different ways.

The first way I wanted to transform the skull was to make it all pink. If you ask my family they will tell you I love pink. Not in an Elle Woods, everything is pink in my house way but if I had to pick a color, it would be pink.

I started with a base coat of white because the original skull had a lot of different colors. Once that was dry I went in with the Craft Smart Pink. I’m not sure if it was just the paint or the white base coat but the pink came out very matte which I was very glad about.

When the pink dried I felt like it was still missing something. I searched my craft closet until I saw the perfect addition. I grabbed some Mod Podge and painted it into the eye sockets. Next I grabbed some glitter(I know its the worst) and sprinkled it on. When the glue was dry I applied another layer of mod podge to keep the glitter from falling off as the final touch.

The next skull I wanted to make a bit scarier. At first I started painting it a light brown but it wasn’t working for me so I washed it off. I decided to just paint the teeth white for a creepy vibe. I grabbed two wooden beads and painted eyeballs on both. Then I took some pink embroidery floss and glued pieces all over to create a blood shot eye look. I used hot glue to to put one eye into the eye socket.The second eye I kept longer strands of the embroidery floss attached. I glued the extra strands to the socket so the eye was dangling off to the side. And that completed the second head.

The third head I didn’t do too much to although it is definitely dressed up. I purchased some flowers also from the dollar tree. Very carefully, I used a box cutter to cut along the markings on the top back of the skull creating a small opening. Cut and arrange the flowers into the skeleton skull like you would a vase. Then the skull is complete!

I hope you liked these or they inspire you to do something cool with your Dollar Tree skulls. And be sure to tag us on Instagram if you do!