Surviving the Drive to Disneyland

How to make the trip from the Bay to LA as easy as possible.

We’ve driven this route to Disneyland many times and every time, we were on a mission to get there as quickly as possible. As our next trip approaches, we have already begun planning our trip. We’ve learned our lessons when it comes to traveling with children and are sure there is still much to learn(this will be our first super long trip with our daughter). Some of our thoughts and plans are pretty basic when it comes to being a parent. Packing snacks, keeping the balance of hydration but not stopping to use the bathroom every 12 minutes, and making sure there are as little to no meltdowns as possible!

Planned Stops

We found out pretty early on that a GPS is our best friend in the car. Everyone dreads the “Are we there yet?” nonsense in a long drive and for our son having an end point is a life saver. We put in the new address for our next stop when we begin to get on the road again. This will be especially important for our next trip because he still doesn’t know we are surprising him for his birthday. Check out our driving plan here.

Constant Communication

There are definitely times that our son does not stop talking. It’s adorable, obviously, to hear his sweet little voice but sometimes I just want to play the quite game. On car trips, he can talk, sing and ask any questions he wants because as long as he isn’t throwing a hit, I’m golden. He can chat it up all day if it keeps us from stoping the car. I’m always surprised at how great he is at car games too. He loves I Spy, car search(we have him spot all the blue or red or green, whichever color car he can see), or we have him look for certain letters or numbers on the highway signs.

Movie Time

We’ll admit it. We have a portable DVD player for long trips. It doesn’t always get used but desperate times call for desperate measures. He also has child friendly headphones(they only get so loud) so we don’t have to listen Cars or Moana for the millionth time.


You can never pack enough snacks on a long car trip. We try to limit beverages as much as possible for bathroom break reasons but food can sort of be constant. We try to keep it all accessible too because as all parents no, toddlers change their minds constantly.


Be sure to bring plenty of this. You’ll be there and soon and if you’re stressed, everyone will be stressed. Close quarters of a car and not being able to move around can easily spark frustration. Not to mention if you have a little one in diapers. The last thing any parent needs is a blown out diaper in the car seat 100 miles from home.