Upgrade Your Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet Update      IMG_9413

Filing Cabinets might be pretty boring but sprucing them up can turn them into a something you’ll want front and center in your home.

Step One:IMG_9393

Pick a paint color. I used spray paint that would stick to metal. If you use a latex paint or a chalk paint that will be brushed on, it might be a good idea to take a 200-300 grit sandpaper to the filing cabinet first to insure the paint sticks.

Step Two:

Remove the handles. Mine were easy enough to remove with a screwdriver from the inside. Then measure or take a handle with you to your local hardware store. Pick out new handles(or handle) that will compliment the paint color you picked. I did a quick dusting also to make sure it was clean.

Step Three:IMG_9395

Set up an area to paint. Be sure to cover any surfaces that may be vulnerable. I put painters tape around the wheels so they wouldn’t stick. Also, behind the holes for the screws so the over spay didn’t get into the drawers.

Step Four:

Test the paint on the back or bottom of the filing cabinet. Make sure the paint will stick before continuing. Tape off any areas that you don’t want pain on the filing cabinet.

Step Five:IMG_9398

Paint! Once you know that paint will work continue with the rest. I find spray paint to be a little more difficult. Using short spurts allow there to be less drippings and give you the opportunity to go in for a second coat if necessary. Allow enough time for the filing cabinet to dry fully. If the paint is still tacky, it isn’t fully dry. Once it is dry, go ahead and screw the handles on.IMG_9403

(Leaf on the top! If this happens blow it off ASAP. Your fingers or nails could do more damage than the leaf.)

Step Six:IMG_9408

Pick out the perfect spot for your new filing cabinet. Fill with papers, fabric or whatever it is you have and enjoy the new and improved piece.