Whole30 for 30

It is April 1st and we are starting Whole 30 again.

For us choosing to take part in this food experience is more than just an Instagram post. We already eat pretty healthy. We have two little kids so we also eat what we refer to as “the toddler diet”. It is generally all good for you food but with carbs(haha).

For some I can imagine the hardest part is cutting out alcohol. A beer at a baseball game or happy hour with friends sounds great. For us however the hardest part will be dairy. Man, do we love cheese. It’s a food group in our house. Cheese and crackers can be expected from anyone if they are coming over to our house for dinner or a visit.

This will be the second time we are attempting to finish this food. When we first tried, about a year ago, we may it 12 days. It was almost halfway but after assuming there would be acceptable food at an event we attended our Whole 30 experience ended. That was definitely a mistake on our part. This time we are doing things differently.

Firstly, Mike will only be participating in the meals he eats at home. Odd but at work it can be challenging to find something the meets all the requirements besides salad. So with the exception of dinner and meals on the weekends he will be eating non Whole 30 approved food.

Secondly, after learning from our mistake last time, if we don’t know what kind of food will be available, we will be bringing our own. Honestly it seems weird to us too. I can’t imagine bringing my food to a party or something but this April isn’t a big month for us for events so we will probably be ok.

Lastly, we’ve done this before. We know we can complete it. The theory of it is not complicated it is simply knowing what you can and can’t eat. The Whole30 website has so many recipes and tips and tricks that it is easy to accomplish.

If you would like to join us or just follow along, you can find more updates on our Instagram account @diydougherty!